Structure settlements are negotiations between an employer and employee on behalf of an injury settlement claim whereby the claimant agrees to resolve the claim by receiving some sort of compensation or weekly payment from the employer / insurance agency due to personal injury at the workplace. Rather than paying the whole lot at once. The claimant can ask for regular compensation on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly scheme that can help the person affected recover from their injury faster by having a constant stream of income from the lawsuit coming in. Ultimately, both parties must agree to the deal and must accept the terms and conditions of the agreement and the amount of Money involved.

Structure settlements were first implemented in Canada after a case involving work related illness spreading to a number of children. Structure settlements can include income tax and quite often can only be claimed upon if the claimant has purchased one or more annuities, which generate future payments to the claimant.

Selling your Structure Settlements

You may want to buy or repair your home, buy a new boat / car or invest in a new business. Whatever your reason, you may stumble across the circumstance of needing a lump sum of money in your hand right now. To get that, you may need to sell your Structure settlement. Here’s how you do it.

  • Make the decision to sell: You can sell your Structure settlement if you have a valid and pressing reason to do so. The selling of your structure settlement does not affect your financial profile in any way.
  • Shop around for a discounted rate and service of your sale: It is recommended that you research and find the best funding company out there so as they have your best interests at heart and are willing to fight for you. This is important so as they submit the appropriate paperwork and know the correct legal procedures.
  • Have the sale approved by a Judge: After all of the paperwork is signed and submitted, the waiting game begins. You will then be summoned to a court and will have to justify why you need the money and your reason for selling your settlement.
  • Get your money: Once approved, the Judge will sign all of the documentation and the request is sent over to the appropriate insurance agency for refunding.

get your structured settlement cash

How to choose the best Structure settlement company

So your looking for a reputable Structure settlement Company to get your cash back. Well, there’s lots of different companies out there that can give you a helping hand in regards to coming to an agreement. The way to choose what company is the best is to ask these 4 simple questions.

  • Do they have a genuine interest in assisting you?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they give you a quote quickly without any issues?
  • Can they Represent you in Court?

Although some new companies can be a good way to get what you’re after, one bad experience can spoil the whole process and represent you incorrectly to the Judge. Newly structured businesses may not have the experience, expertise, reputation and may not be the correct representative that you need. You want someone that is going to be a representative for you and who is going to come to an agreement with the court on your behalf.

Some good settlement firms to consider are:

  1. JG WENTWORTH, These guys offer a lot more than just Structure Settlements, they offer Mortgage advice, Personal Loans, Prepaid credit Cards and extensive history working with clients for over 20 years. JG WENTWORTH is the nations largest in Structure Settlements and have a variety of positive customer stories on their website.
  2. OLIVE BRANCH FUNDING, Brags about how they can, get your money sooner, Get a better deal, and get a more reliable ally. Olive Branch Funding dabbles in Structure settlements and Annuities. Olive Branch is committed to providing fast and affordable solutions to families and individuals who need their cash now! They have years of industry experience and you are guaranteed to be in safe hands.
  3. SENECAONE, Offers an effective and affordable scheme for selling your Structure settlement. SenecaOne is a trusted source for discovering long lasting solutions to your financial situation. They offer, Lottery and prize winning solutions, Structure settlement solutions, and Pre-settlement advice. SenecaOne offers guaranteed services at an affordable price and have over 15 years experience in the industry.

Out of the three aforementioned firms, I recommend Olive Branch Funding because they seem to have the most experience in the industry and have a driving passion for assisting and helping their clients. They also have a guaranteed service that they provide at an affordable rate.